The BB Society offers a range of Merchandise, some for purchase by Society Members only, and others for purchase by members of the public.


A sample of the merchandise available can be viewed by clicking here (pdf)


For Society Members only:


Enamel BB Society pin badge £6.00
BB Society Car Sticker £2.50
BB Society Tie - dark green with gold cowslip motif. £12.50


From the Society Archive  
Catalogue of the entire BB Society Archive material
(obtained directly from the archivist): 
BB Books on CD
Readings by Robin Browne, actor, lecturer, announcer and member of the RNIB Talking Book Service:
'A Child Alone'  (5 CDs)   
'The Little Grey Men'   (7 CDs)     
'Wild Lone'  (6 CDs)       
'Down The Bright Stream'  (6 CDs)  
'Brendon Chase'  (8 CDs)  

'The Whopper' (1 CD)   

A dramatised production for a BBC Schools Programme

Archive recordings of BB's own items

'In a Warwickshire Wood' (1 CD)        

A commentary on bird song recorded 1st May 1950 and excerpts from other radio recordings with BB.


'Alexander' (1 CD)     

Remastered from original tape recorded by BB at home in The Round House.

Reprinted ‘BB’ MONTY WOODPIG Books and Posters  

Monty Woodpig’s Caravan
Paperback reprint of 1957 book with 122 black and white ‘BB’ illustrations.



Monty Woodpig’s Caravan Posters
Set of four A3 size posters taken from ‘BB’s’ coloured illustrations in
the original book. 



Monty Woodpig and his Bubblebuzz Car    

Paperback reprint of 1958 book with 121 black and white ‘BB’ illustrations. 



Monty Woodpig and his Bubblebuzz Car Posters

Set of four A3 size posters taken from ‘BB’s’ coloured illustrations in
the original book. 




Available to all:


A 40 page full-colour brochure is available from the BB Society Merchandising Officer featuring a complete exposition of BB Life & Works. Available to members and non-members alike at £7.50 per copy including post and packaging. A not to be missed collector's item!


Packs of notelets for personal correspondence

3 packs have 10 cards and envelopes, with 10 different illustrations by BB. The 4th pack has 5 cards with cowslip illustrations and 5 cards with the BB quote "The wonder of the world" etc.

£5.50 per pack

'BB - A Bibliography'

Compiled by Vic Beyer.

Highly recommended as a unique guide to BB's writings and illustrated works.  Includes 140 colour 'cover' images and detail on some 250 editions of BB's books.


'BB - Songs, Rhymes and Spells'

Compiled by Wendy Beyer.

An enchanting booklet with poetic detail from BB's writings with illustrations throughout.



Sky Gypsy Binders

Hard backed dark green binders for storage of the annual 'Sky Gypsy' publications with gold embossed title and Society logo on the spine.

£8.00 each

or £15 for 2

Sky Gypsy Magazine (Back numbers):  
Nos 1 - 5:
£5.00 each
Nos 6 onwards:
£6.00 each


All the above prices include Postage and Packing.


Please send order and cheque made payable to the 'BB Society' to:






MK17 0PE

Tel : 01296 712740


Illustration by Denys Watkins-Pitchford (BB)