The BB Society - Denys Watkins-Pitchford


Books written by ‘BB’:

(1922)  ‘Diary & Sketchbook’ (Published in 2012)
(1937)  ‘The Sportsman’s Bedside Book
(1938)  ‘Wild Lone: The Story of a Pytchley Fox
(1939)  ‘Manka, the Sky Gipsy: The Story of a Wild Goose
(1941)  ‘The  Countryman’s Bedside Book
(1942)  ‘The Little Grey Men
(1943)  ‘The Idle Countryman
(1944)  Brendon Chase
(1945)  ‘The Fisherman’s Bedside Book
(1945)  ‘The Wayfaring Tree
(1948)  ‘Meeting Hill
(1948)  ‘The Shooting Man’s Bedside Book
(1948)  ‘A Stream in Your Garden
(1948)  ‘Down The Bright Stream
(1949)  ‘Be Quiet and Go A-Angling’ (Pseudonym Michael Traherne)
(1950)  ‘Confessions of a Carp Fisher
(1950)  ‘Letters from Compton Deverell
(1950)  ‘Tide’s Ending
(1952)  The Wind in the Wood’
(1953)  ‘Dark Estuary
(1955)  The Forest of Bowland Light Railway
(1957)  ‘Alexander
(1957)  ‘Ben the Bullfinch
(1957)  ‘Wandering Wind
(1957)  Monty Woodpig's Caravan
(1958)  ‘Monty Woodpig and his Bubblebuzz Car
(1958)  Mr Bumstead’
(1958)  ‘A Carp Water (Wood Pool): And How to Fish It
(1959)  ‘The Wizard of Boland
(1959)  ‘Bill Badger’s Winter Cruise
(1959)  ‘Autumn Road to the Isles
(1960)  ‘Bill Badger and the Pirates
(1961)  ‘Bill Badger and the Secret Weapon
(1961)  ‘The White Road Westwards
(1961)  ‘The Badgers of Bearshanks
(1961)  ‘Bill Badger’s Finest Hour
(1962)  ‘Bill Badger’s Whispering Reeds Adventure
(1962)  ‘September Road to Caithness
(1962)  ‘Lepus the Brown Hare
(1963)  ‘Bill Badger’s Big Mistake
(1964)  ‘The Pegasus Book of the Countryside
(1964)  ‘Summer Road to Wales
(1967)  ‘Bill Badger and the Big Store Robbery
(1967)  ‘A Summer on the Nene
(1967)  ‘The Whopper
(1968)  ‘At the Back o’Ben Dee
(1969)  ‘Bill Badger’s Voyage to the World’s End
(1971)  The Tiger Tray
(1975)  ‘The Pool of the Black Witch
(1975)  The Lord of the Forest
(1976)  ‘Recollections of a Longshore Gunner
(1978)  ‘A Child Alone
(1979)  ‘Ramblings of a Sportsman-Naturalist
(1980)  ‘The Naturalist’s Bedside Book
(1981)  ‘The Quiet Fields
(1984)  ‘Indian Summer
(1985)  ‘The Best of BB - An Anthology
(1987)  ‘Fisherman’s Folly
(1990)  ‘The Confessions of a Coastal Gunner’ (Published in 2011)

Other recommended books on BB:

‘BB - A Celebration’ Edited by Tom Quinn (Wharncliffe Publishing Ltd)
‘BB - A Symposium’  Compiled and edited by Bryan Holden (Roseworld Productions Ltd)
‘BB’s Birds’   By Bryan Holden (Roseworld Productions Ltd)
‘Letters From the Roundhouse’  Compiled by Gordon Wright (Roseworld Productions Ltd)
‘Faxton - The Lost Village’ By Bryan Holden (Roseworld Productions Ltd)


The best complete guide to BB’s work is ‘BB - A Bibliography’ compiled by Vic Beyer.  Obtainable from BB Merchandise. Contains a complete illustrated list of all books written and illustrated by BB. Highly recommended.

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Illustration by Denys Watkins-Pitchford (BB)