The BB Society - Denys Watkins-Pitchford


For all the pleasure gained from reading BB's childrens' stories and his outstanding descriptive writing where nature and the countryside are concerned, it is widely recognised that it is the unique quality of his illustrative skill that provides some of the most exquisite enjoyment of his work. Although he was no mean artist using watercolour and the occasional oils, he was perhaps at his happiest when etching or drawing. His distinctive and highly evocative scraperboard illustrations were to become his hallmark.

The ilustrations shown here give a tiny sample of some of his full page drawings and paintings as well as showing some examples of his 'Headpieces' and 'Tailpieces' often used to start and end chapters of his books, many of which pictures are miniature masterpieces in themselves.

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Dodder and Sir Herne the Heron
The King of Fishers
Dodder skinning a fish
Dodder fishing
From 'Brendon Chase'
The Cowslip (BB Society Logo)
From 'Manka The Sky Gipsy'
From 'The Little Grey Men'
The Pool of the Black Witch
From Fisherman's Bedside Book
From Down The Bright Stream
From The Idle Countryman
From The White Road Westwards
From September Road to Caithness
From The Idle Countryman
From Summer Road To Wales