A Gift of Membership.


Annual Membership Subscription


Why not arrange a gift subscription for a year - excellent value at £15.00 per annum.

An ideal way of making your gift last throughout the year where the much sought after flagship journal Sky Gypsy and

three editions of the very popular Newslines will be sent direct to the recipient.

The first publication will be accompanied with a unique notelet of a picture by BB named ‘morning mist’

with a handwritten inscription of your choice.


Perfect for anyone who is stuck for a gift idea for a friend or a relative or someone who loves the English

Countryside. Perhaps you can’t get to the shops at present, then a membership pack of a year’s subscription

of just £15.00 is the ideal gift.


Contact the Secretary or Membership Secretary for further details




Please look at BB Society merchandise page.

There are many gift ideas for BB enthusiasts.



 Colour Pack £7.50



  Scraperboard pack £6.50







Illustration by Denys Watkins-Pitchford (BB)